The Cost To Renting A House Vs To Buy

Dated: 07/17/2018

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The Cost to Renting A House Vs. To Buy

If you’re looking to rent for a period of more than one to two years. You may want to look at the benefits of owning. Most people believe renting is the way to go in today's market. Here are few things to consider if you’re thinking about renting.

The Cost

It may seem renting would be the best way but owning your own piece of the American Dream is way more beneficial. Finding out that your perfect home, around the block, may not be so expansive may surprise most people. In today’s market renting can be more expansive or the same as to own. Did you know your able to qualify with very little down payment? It’s not 20% down requirement or a no deal. You may even qualify with little as 3% down.

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Why you should own

* Homes increase in values

* Owning a house gives you equity, a saving for your future

* Your able to write off Tax’s. Property tax and Interest part of your mortgage is tax deduction

* Owning your own house mains, a stable mortgage

Bottom Line

It’s obvious why people should look at buying a house then to rent. For the long run your much more aware knowing the fact your monthly mortgage is going to be stable. If you were to own for a year, you’ll have gained equity. Which you can take out to use at any time. If you were to rent for that same amount of time your land lord is taking that equity and most importantly your time to buy.  

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