The 11 Things That Are Keeping Your Lathrop Home From Selling

Dated: 08/06/2018

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The 11 Things That Are Keeping Your Lathrop Home From Selling

Is your Lathrop home listed and not selling? Have you been wondering why? One or more of the following 11 reasons could be the reason. We hope this is helpful information. 

  1. You’ve Over-Valued Your Property - Having a strong Realtor that is completely honest with about pricing your home properly is the best thing you can do. You, of course, want to sell your home not just list it for sale, right? Never assume all of the improvements you have made relate to a direct increase in value.

  2. A Poorly Written Listing - Words are very important in every aspect of our lives. And they are especially important when you’re trying to interest buyers and their agents to look at your home and consider it as their next perfect home. And professionally taken photographs are equally important. 

  3. You Don’t Leave During Showings - The last thing buyers want is the seller there tracking them around their viewing. It can make them very uncomfortable and if they leave without seeing everything. It could very well cost you the sale. Always leave the house during all showings and open houses.

  4. You Didn’t Professionally Clean Your Home - Professionally clean carpets and windows will really make a difference. Dirty carpets and windows may make a bad impression on many buyers. 

  5. Not Staging Your Home - If you’ve moved out, having some furniture in the room will help the buyers visualize the size of the rooms better. If you’re still living in the home having a professional stager come and declutter and stage your furniture can make the difference in a quick sale for the most money.

  6. You Left Too Many Personal Items - Personal pictures and items make you feel like your home. They don’t make the buyers feel at home. Get them out of the house.

  7. You Are Too Attached - If you’ve got lots of offers and haven’t negotiated to a contract you may be to attached to your home to sell it. 

  8. Your Home Is Has Too Much Clutter - This goes back to number 5 a professional stager will make sure and have you take out the unneeded furniture and clutter.

  9. Personalize Home Improvements - You might love the color purple, that forest mural in your bedroom, or possibly you kids favorite sports hero Big Head Poster. Get rid of all of them and make things neutral and basic. The new owners have their own taste.

  10. Too Much Deferred Maintenance - Those little things that you never got around to or just overlooked. Are all things that will keep your home from selling. It is always a great idea to have a complete set of inspections and have all major thing corrected. The buyers are going to have them done and request you fix them or reduce the price anyway. Why slow down the process?

  11. The Wrong Agent - In my opinion, the single most important thing you can do to make sure that your home gets sold fast and for the most money, is to choose the correct Realtor.

All of these things can be corrected, you just have to know about them. It’s best to figure that out before you list your Lathrop home for sale. Why you may be asking? Because the longer your home is on the market the less likely it will sell for list price or above. 

If you have been thinking of selling your Lathrop home. Give us a call at 209-762-3552 and set an appointment and let’s discuss it.

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