Stockton Home Ownership An Inherited Trait

Dated: 09/05/2018

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Stockton CA Fathers and Sons

Have you been thinking about buying a Stockton home? Has the thought of giving away another month's rent been eating at you every month?

Home ownership is a very personal decision. And only your significant and you other can make that decision. And even though it is a personal decision. It could also be an inherited trait. Or a learned response.

A recent study has shown that 14.4% of millennials born to renters are homeowners. While 31.7% of millennials born to homeowners are homeowners. Now while this study didn't take into account age, income, or education. You have to agree that is a significant difference.

Remember, a while back we discussed David Bach's book The Automatic Millionaire. And how he had said that homeownership was the escalator to wealth in the United States?

The study also shows that as parents income level increases, so does the likelihood of their children becoming homeowners. And as David Bach pointed out homeowners are 44 times wealthier than renters.

Look at the chart below,

Image title

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